Josh Weeks

Joshua Weeks was born and raised in the slums in Eureka, California. From an early age, he was fascinated by art forms of all kinds and found a creative outlet in street art and choreographed ribbon dancing. But he later found his life’s true passion in tattooing. He underwent an indispensable internship, earning the coveted title of professional tattoo artist in 2012. He has since worked tirelessly to perfect his skills at several of Reno’s finest tattoo shops, eventually finding a home in the hallowed halls of Reno’s finest studio, Battle Born Tattoo.


Josh’s unique style incorporates meticulous study of innovative tattooing styles and techniques and refinement of his own artistic creativity with a strong desire to create personal and distinctive artwork for his clients. Josh also understands the value of providing exceptional customer service. Come on down and meet Josh Weeks at Battle Born Tattoo and schedule a session to discover what a truly great Tattoo experience is all about!